• Choosing an Infrared Heater

    Choosing an Infrared Heater

    There are a few important things to consider when selecting the correct heater for your needs. If you consider the following few facts, you can be sure you are choosing the appropriate heater for your requirements. Saving Money Energy can be expensive, therefore saving money when heating your home is an important thing to consider….

  • Stand Mixer Attachments
    Cooking & Recipes

    Stand Mixer Attachments

    If you have a stand mixer, or are looking to buy one, there are a huge amount of attachments you can buy to get the most out of your appliances. Below you will find a list of some of the most useful attachments that are available, but please remember, the range available is huge, so…

  • Pressure Cookers
    Cooking & Recipes

    A Guide to Pressure Cookers

    Pressure cookers are versatile and you can cook up scrumptious and healthy dishes in a really short time. Cooking this way requires less liquids than standard hob cooking, and higher temperatures can be reached with pressure cooking, which is why foods are cooked quicker. There are hundreds of pressure cookers on the market today. So…

  • Facts about Lawns

    Interesting Facts about Lawns

    Lawns used to be cut by men with made-to-measure scythes in the 18th Century. Instead of trying to adjust the height at which they swung the scythe, they strapped blocks of wood to the soles of their boots to change the height of the grass. This more often than not, resulted in them hitting the…

  • Latte Recipes
    Cooking & Recipes

    Hard to Resist Latte Recipes!

    I have made many lattes in my time, and there are certain recipes that you will just love when you want to get your coffee fix. The lattes that I describe here are going to help you have fun in the kitchen, and you will not feel like you are overdoing it when you are…

  • Sunglasses

    My Sunglasses Shopping Spree!

    I have very sensitive eyes, so I never leave the house without my sunglasses. In addition to protecting my already bad vision, I think sunglasses are a fantastic accessory, great for hiding hangovers and sleepless nights. For years, I wore a pair of sunglasses I bought on sale at Target for $10, some black wayfarers…

  • Healthy Dark Rye Bread Recipe
    Cooking & Recipes

    Healthy Dark Rye Bread Recipe

    I make Dark Rye bread at home in my bread machine, and I find that there are ingredient substitutions to make your recipe healthier while preserving the flavor and texture of the bread. I think two keys to a quality healthier Dark Rye bread recipe are white flour replacements and sweetener substitutions. Let me explain…

  • ToeNail Fungus

    Treat Your Toenail Fungus Naturally with These Home Remedies

    For the naturalists, treating conditions on your own terms may prove challenging as many prescribed remedies to typical issues tend to be filled with chemicals of all sorts. While this isn’t inherently a bad thing, many people feel more comfortable trying natural toenail fungus remedies. Luckily, treating your toenail fungus naturally is easy through the…